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The whole state must be so well organized that every Whig can be brought to the polls. So divide the county into small districts and appoint in each a committee. Make a perfect list of the voters and ascertain with certainty for whom they will vote... Keep a constant watch on the doubtful voters and have them talked to by those in whom they have the most confidence... On Election Day see that every Whig is brought to the polls.

-- Abraham Lincoln

   Letter to a friend


Organizing really hasn't changed much since Abraham Lincoln wrote these instructions in 1840. The tools we use to keep track and communicate have changed but the basic concept is the same. We recruit volunteers to talk to voters and get them out to vote. 

The precinct is the basic building block of every election and getting volunteers connected and talking to their neighbors is the most effective way to increase turn out and win elections.

Good precinct organizing is hard to do but it is not complicated. There are new tools that can make it easier to track what we do and communicate with our volunteers but the basic concepts of how to get our voters out to vote have not changed. 

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